Volcanoes for Beginners: Original Metal Sculptures by Amanda Visell and Slaphappy: Original Ceramic Sculptures by Michelle Valigura

I will be providing tunes for this event. I’m an Amanda Visell fan, so this should be dope! Hit this up! Opening night for our new exhibit is Friday, July 10. Both Amanda and Michelle will be in attendance and Amanda will be signing from 7pm until 8:30PM. Music by Jose G. Exhibit continues through[…]

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Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #8 – 06/25/09

Got things for you tonight, tomorrow and the day after that! Hit em up! click the image for the large version. also, I didn’t really mess up Friday’s Swig lineup. I found out after the sketch was done that I’ll be DJing that night alongside Kool Hersh. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s another Bollypeno Boogie[…]

Laura Park’s Nick Comic Book cover (farewell, Nick Mag)

Laura Park, who I consider a sibling much like Corey Barba, created this illustration for Nickelodeon Magazine’s “Comic Book” insert. It’s in the current issue, so pick it up! Unfortunately Nick Mag announced they would cease production this week. Sad news 🙁 Check out more of Laura’s work HERE Image via The Nickelodeon Magazine Blog